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May 4, 2015 - Latest News

VIDEO: Reliability and precision of the new digital workflow

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

VIDEO: Reliability and precision of the new digital workflow

Before viewing the entire process, we will briefly review the technical specifics of the operation of this system. Using planning software, doctors can know exactly in what direction they should position the implant before surgery in accordance with the final prosthesis and considering the available bone and soft tissue. This is done by superimposing a stereolithography (.stl) file (intraoral scan of the patient’s mouth) on a DICOM file (CT scan radiography).

Using this material, the doctor can send a file to the lab with which it can work on “digitally positioned” implants with an exact address for preparing excellent provisional implants, such as in cases of post-extraction and immediate loading.

Using this process, digital workflow provides reliability and high precision because the milling center is also working using files without cumulative errors. The way that guided-surgery fits into the process closes a wholly digital circle adapted to the new needs of the doctor, prosthetic technician, and the milling center. This working model is based on error-free speed to ensure optimal results.

We prepared this video of a complete case from the first visit to the clinic until the day the final prosthesis is placed to show the entire process. This is a case in which the clinic, laboratory, and milling center work with digital files only.

The video will acquaint you with the whole process and all the agents involved in this new workflow, which is a clear advance in predictability and reliability.


Dr. Jesús López Vilagran
Clínica Vilagran



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