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October 14, 2016 - Latest News

UB and AVINENT, 7 years of working together on implantology training

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

UB and AVINENT, 7 years of working together on implantology training

Training is one of the cornerstones of the growth and transformation of AVINENT Implant System. The conferences held and the scientific and academic partnerships developed with advanced research centers position the firm as a leading actor in knowledge creation within the sector.

Within this context, and in conjunction with the University of Barcelona (UB), AVINENT has run the Intensive Workshop on Implantology for the last seven years. Offered at the UB’s Dental Hospital located on the Bellvitge Campus, the Intensive Workshop on Implantology is for generalist and specialist dentists, and focuses on gaining a basic knowledge of dental implant placement. This course attracts medical professionals from all over Spain, and its content is divided into theory and practice. The first practical component involves dissection and placement of implants in the heads of corpses, and the second entails placement of implants in patients.

Dr. Elena López, the workshop teacher and the section head of patients and clinical practice, tells us that “the aim of this intensive training is to offer a basic theoretical and practical knowledge to introduce dentists, stomatologists and maxillofacial surgeons to the placement of dental implants”. According to Dr. López, students are taught mainly to be able “to identify, diagnose and assess the risks before placing implants in their patients, as well as a number of simple, clear concepts at a surgical level so that they can successfully apply the techniques to their own clinical cases.” Along similar lines, Dr. Sergio García Bellosta, a lecturer in dissection and clinical practice, explains that “implantology is not risk free, and it requires a learning curve”.

A highly successful and well-received course
From the outset, the Intensive Workshop on Implantology has been very well received, with demand for places nearly always outstripping those available. What are the highlights for students? Academically and technically, Dr. María Clara Añón, a workshop participant, in particular highlights “pre-intervention assessment, how to create a suitable flap and how to angle drill bits when it comes to establishing parallelism”. Dr. Pablo Jesús Fernández, also a participant in the last course, adds that “the aseptic protocols are also very important”. Meanwhile, Dr. Antoni Beltrán, another participant, particularly values the teaching staff’s expertise and amenability: “the workshop is very comprehensive and instructional”.

According to Dr. Sergio García, “students starting out in implantology tend to have problems with intraoperative spatial orientation regardless of their prior surgical experience. Prior planning with CT scans and the use of surgical guides is therefore highly recommended”. In Dr. Elena López’s opinion, the function of teachers is to supervise and instruct in a consistent manner, and this is especially so “in clinical practice cases with patients in whom, for example, bone regeneration needs to be performed after placing the implant due to a lack of bone”.

AVINENT is committed to the workshop, bringing its products and knowledge to it
The teachers and the participants on the Intensive Workshop in Implantology value AVINENT implants very highly. Dr. López says that “at a practical level, I particularly value the system’s simplicity, be it Coral or Ocean, as the drilling sequence is very intuitive and the placement of implants is very simple, thus leading to good stability”.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pablo Jesús Fernández, a participant, highlights “the very good organization of the surgical kit’s drilling sequence. Also worthy of note is the fact that they are Grade 5 titanium”, to which Dr. Añón adds that “the main advantage of AVINENT over other brands is that the same implant holder can be used like a temporary abutment as well”.

Dr. Sergio García concludes by saying that “AVINENT is fully committed to developing a first-class workshop with our teaching team. I believe every participant in the workshop positively values this synergy between industry and teaching. Because of its content and facilities, this workshop is one of the best implantology training courses in existence today”.



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