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October 17, 2017 - Software, Product

TRIOS scanners and their compatibility with Invisalign, a triumph of digital dentistry

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Avinent Implant System

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TRIOS scanners and their compatibility with Invisalign, a triumph of digital dentistry

A few months ago, 3Shape announced that TRIOS may be used to present Invisalign cases once the final validation process with Align Technology is complete. Following a wide range of successful treatments, the time has come to review the results of this new technique, which is great news for the dental industry.

This innovation paves the way for notable progress, including the possibilities of scanning patients with TRIOS at a dizzying speed, of sending the result to Invisalign directly from TRIOS free of charge, and finally of requesting Invisalign treatment through the same system.

Great benefits for all solutions

There are many advantages to and reasons for taking digital impressions and for being able to send the results directly to Invisalign free of charge.

The dentist Ainhoa Zulueta, who runs Clínica Dental Irazábal and uses this new service, says that the main benefit is the time saved: “The speed of TRIOS makes digitalization tremendously fast and easy; before it took a month, and now only 15 days,” she says. “It cuts costs on impression materials and shipping, and over email there is no contraction or dilation due to changes in temperature during transport.”

Zulueta also mentions the importance of “digital accuracy, which corrects manual error. This helps dentists to take impressions easily and eliminates repetition, thereby improving patient experience and comfort.” She adds that “the system shows you the unscanned areas as you work, which are indicated with another color. This helps you to make a much more accurate impression while you work.”

“3Shape makes advanced CAD-CAM accessible to laboratories of all sizes while raising the bar for basic solutions,” she continues. She also notes that “you can send digital impressions instantly to any dental laboratory and you have access to the full range of indications and materials.”

“TRIOS provides dentists and prosthetists alike with the broadest range of indications and treatment options for patients.” Zulueta also says that you can freely connect with thousands of laboratories that work with 3Shape technology and other laboratories, with which it is easy to interact swiftly, with mobile devices and web browsers.

AVINENT-3SHAPE, a successful relationship

The dentistry sector is undergoing a digital transformation and there is no going back: innovation and collaboration with strategic partners are essential for leading the industry. Like AVINENT, 3Shape has become established in recent years as a top brand in the sector. The company is leaving its mark in the Iberian Peninsula by establishing commercial links with strategic companies like AVINENT, a leader in digital dentistry with a human and material structure that can meet new needs.

3Shape provides digital technology with the continuous development of features for dentists while AVINENT offers a team of highly qualified developers who help to get the most of 3Shape products, as well as a series of services and products that make a complete digital workflow available to both dentists and prosthetists.



3Shape TRIOS, Dentistry 4.0


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