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The incorporation of new technologies as a differentiating factor in modern clinics

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

University Degree in Dentistry (University of Barcelona)
Master’s Degree in Occlusion and Oral Restoration (University of Barcelona)
University Qualification in Reconstruction in Multidisciplinary Treatments
Director of Clínica Dental Vilagran (Badalona)

The incorporation of new technologies as a differentiating factor in modern clinics

Within the present context of the complete transformation of healthcare settings, the implementation of new technologies in the dental sector is no longer a thing of the future. We are in the middle of a global digital scenario that poses new challenges and opportunities. Digital technology has arrived at clinics to improve diagnoses, make the work of dentists easier and obtain a better treatment for the patient. The clinics that have fully implemented these digital work processes carry out practically all of their daily tasks using digital resources, allowing for the optimisation of the workflow of these professionals.

Right from the outset, AVINENT has contributed to the construction and expansion of this digital ecosystem with the assistance of 3Shape, one of the best technological partners, by providing clinics and laboratories the formulas and tools required to transform them and adapt them to the current trends of the dental sector.


One of the clinics that anticipated this technological transformation and incorporated cutting edge technology into its daily processes was the Clinic of Dr Vilagran, which makes a great effort to seek out the maximum quality for its patients’ treatments.

Dr Jesús Vilagran tells us about how his clinic has both digital machinery (digital x-ray, intraoral scanner, photographic cameras, etc.) smile simulation and guided implant planning software, etc. He highlights that of all of them, it is currently the intraoral scanner that has changed the way both the clinics and the technicians work. All of this has led them to mostly use treatment simulation and dental implant planning software.

Value for the clinic

This work model offers greater reliability, speed and accuracy compared to the traditional. Dr Vilagran informs us that the intraoral scanner allows STL files of our patient to be obtained quickly and comfortably. We can use these files to explain the treatment, for the diagnosis or for the manufacture of prosthetic elements if required. With regard to the software, Dr Vilagran’s clinic uses Smile Design, which offers the option to perform an aesthetic simulation of the final result of the treatment, and also, Implant Studio, which allows the patient to be operated on digitally, placing the dental implants into the correct three-dimensional position and visualising all the potential problems that may arise during surgery. Using this software, it will be possible to manufacture a surgical guide to make the surgery less invasive, more predictable and much less traumatic.


It is equally important for a clinic to have the latest cutting-edge technology as it is to have a team that is qualified in its use. It is for this reason that AVINENT offers initial training in tools and software, and ongoing support in the clinic’s day to day activities. Our professionals, alongside the doctors in a co-working fashion, plan the cases and design the retainers prior to the surgery, thus enabling a quick and minimally invasive surgery with an almost imperceptible post-op recovery.


"All the new tools require that we go through a learning curve, but these in particular are not complicated at all. The digital environment offers us lots of opportunities and requires that we are trained in both the clinical and technical aspects"

 Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

Value for the patient

Dr. Vilagran tells us that the change that led to the digital flow at his clinic was complete given that from the first day he understood that the relationship with both the technicians and patients had changed.


"It all begins with an intraoral scan that we share with our patient so that right from the first day they understand what the initial situation is and what the final objective of their treatment is thanks to the support of a three-dimensional image of their mouth"

 Dr. Jesús López Vilagran

The patient is the focal point for both AVINENT and Dr Vilagran’s clinic. They work together (partners, clinics and laboratories) based on the needs of the end patient. The digital flow ensures the possibility of communicating in a clear and visual manner, transmitting the procedure the doctor is going to perform in a three-dimensional manner to favour the understanding of the operation and the confidence of its success. Dr Jesús Vilagran informs us that there is a great change when explaining the final objective of the treatment to the patient using a three-dimensional image. In the case of implantology, for example, using Implant Studio and a CBCT, it is possible to plan the placement of the implants and share this with the patient, as well as the possibility of a bone or soft tissue graft to improve the final result. The patient, through having an understanding of the processes that are going to be carried out, stops being an external agent and becomes part of their own treatment. Furthermore, it should be highlighted that because the patient is informed right from the first moment, any surprises that might happen during the treatment are kept to a minimum.

The digital flow in dentistry is now a reality that improves the experience of both the patient and the professional.


"For clinics considering using a digital work system, I would recommend that they first get to know and receive training in the existing systems. Taking this leap will allow you obtain predictable results for your patients."

 Dr. Jesús López Vilagran



Implants, Dental prosthetics, 3Shape TRIOS, Guided surgery, Dentistry 4.0, Advanced esthetics


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