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September 21, 2016 - Latest News, Product

The Canadian market: success for AVINENT

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

The Canadian market: success for AVINENT

Diversification in goods and services and geographical expansion are factors that have played a part in a number of examples of success among major companies in the last ten years. AVINENT Implant System is following the same path to success and some years ago began its own penetration into leading countries worldwide and into others that are currently experiencing growth. The Benelux Union, Taiwan, Croatia, Romania and Britain are just a few of the countries where the company is currently achieving above average results.

Canada is another success story where AVINENT has had a very good reception. Since its entry in the country in 2012, the Canadian market has welcomed the company’s products in a big way. Craig Dewar, AVINENT Canada’s Vice-President of Business Development, states that in its third year of marketing and sales in the country, the company continues to grow at a considerable rate and “has seen nothing but positive results so far.”

The keys to this success, according to Dewar, are “the exclusive digital range available in combination with a fixed pricing policy that covers the implant, the abutment and the restoration”. AVINENT has had good results in Canada since its arrival in the country: “we trialed the implants, which were rated very highly by the local market, together with guided surgery, which was also well received,” Dewar comments.

In commercial terms, the smooth running of the company in the North American country has been achieved thanks to AVINENT’s successful creation and development of its own commercial network. The full service that the company can offer this market is essentially due to the successful links and collaboration between Core3dcentres, which is in charge of the prosthetic stage, and the Aurum Group, which is responsible for distribution in Canada and decided to establish ties with AVINENT due to the firm’s brilliant background in technological innovation.

Consulting and training: cornerstones for service excellence

Is there anything else that explains the company’s positive progress in Canada? According to Craig Dewar, another of the key factors has been sharing knowledge on winning recipes regarding the product and service. “An internal study group, which meets every fortnight, has been set up in order to share knowledge, experiences and the problems that crop up,” making it possible to exchange views and generate knowledge and to continue improving.

One of AVINENT’s main goals is to keep track of and advise its clients. In the words of Dr. Vic Kooner, “the main reason why I will continue my association with AVINENT is the constant support provided by its team of professionals”. Dr. Frederick Li, an AVINENT user, concurs, stating “the support is excellent and of the same standard as that of larger companies.” In fact, since its establishment in Canada, the company has aimed to make the maximum level of service available to its clients through a highly qualified team of professionals.

Along these lines, AVINENT is especially enhancing everything related to training by frequently offering courses addressed to clients and professionals of the sector. These courses aim to thoroughly explain the characteristics of the company’s products and services and to share the best practices to continue moving forward in developing dental tools. Looking ahead to this year, up to seven days of training are scheduled, divided into two different programs. On the one hand, the program “Surgical Implant Mentorship” was designed so that professionals may achieve security in planning and treating small edentulous areas with dental implants. On the other hand, the program “Advanced Surgical Skills with Implants” was created both for practice with prosthetic implants and for surgery with implants. Finally, the training offered by AVINENT in 2017 also plans a new course centered on guided surgery.

Star products include the BIOMIMETIC Ocean implants and guided surgery

According to the management team of AVINENT Canada, the most successful products are the Ocean implants with internal connection (IC) and guided surgery in conjunction with Core3Dcentres’ technology. Notable in feedback from users is the fact that they are pleased with the simplicity. “It’s an extremely well organized collection and not in the least bit confusing. It’s incredible how easy it makes our work”, Dr. Vic Kooner states. With regard to the IC Ocean implant, Dr. Kooner highlights “its great primary stability and its tremendous ability to adhere to the softer sides of the jawbone.”

Dr. Li further adds that “the single prosthetic connection for the four implant diameters is a major advantage in terms of logistics and costs, since it helps to significantly reduce the stocks of implant components.” Dr. Li also explains that “the variety of transepithelial abutments is useful for a very wide range of serious cases of missing teeth.” The doctor points out that the characteristics of the Ocean IC “prevent implants from being imprecisely placed and the possibility of bone loss in the insertion of these implants, plus they represent a considerable educational and practical aid for young dentists during the early stage of their professional careers.”

The digital process: absolute precision

One of the key advantages that AVINENT offers and which has been especially applauded by the clients of AVINENT Canada is its totally digital workflow. “Personally, I am very impressed with the results and, having begun to use it, I can’t imagine doing surgery on the whole dental arch without the digital facility,” Dr. Vic Kooner remarks. “It’s extremely efficient and it works very well,” agrees Dr. Frederick Li.

Among AVINENT Canada’s clients, digital technology, which provides services such as 3D scanning or the CAD/CAM process, in most cases offers a clear advantage over traditional impression-taking methods due to the fact that it “prevents inaccuracies and errors in the diagnosis,” Dr. Kooner points out.



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