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September 2, 2016 - Opinion

Strategic alliances: strong foundations for the present and the future

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Strategic alliances: strong foundations for the present and the future

The future is now. Technology is constantly evolving and penetrating every area of society, as a result of which the world is going through a historic period of change. In the implantology and digital dentistry sectors, AVINENT has not only succeeded in adapting perfectly to the new situation, but it has also moved into the forefront and is leading the paradigm shift. The company’s commitment to technological innovation and scientific research, as well as its dedication to good customer service have enabled it to face every challenge and retain its position as an international flagship. But it has not achieved this on its own. Nobody can.

In these special conditions, and in an increasingly globalized market, strategic alliances play a key role and are essential for those businesses that view the entire world as their field of operations and which are determined to offer the most innovative products of the highest quality at all times. There is a key turning point in the history of AVINENT’s success and that is the alliance it forged with Core3dcentres. This partnership enabled the two companies to share their technological know-how and made it possible for AVINENT to expand its range of products and solutions. The same also occurred with 3Shape, with which AVINENT established an alliance that gave it an opening to contribute to the development of new digital workflow systems. Similarly, it provided laboratories and clinics with the opportunity to use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, the latest-generation scanners, planning and dental design software, etc. To this we must also add the importance of staying in the constant cycle of innovation and development that this type of collaborative venture entails.

AVINENT continues to uphold its policy of working with high-added-value partners, a corporate strategy that is now a part of its culture. It is this dynamic that makes companies keep their channels open to new products that improve clients’ experiences at every stage of the digital workflow. Leading companies in the development of high-tech materials are of vital importance due to their extensive experience and their longstanding presence in the market. Among the partnerships forged with such companies are AVINENT’s alliance with VITA Zahnfabrik and its many collaborative ventures with Dental Direkt, which has a wide-ranging catalog of solutions. Similarly Juvora plays an important role, as do Bien-Air and its micromotors, Rhein’83 and its system of overdentures, Rapidshape and EOS, key allies in the ongoing research into 3D printing and its field of application. And there will be more such strategic alliances in the future.

In a marketplace that is growing increasingly complex and global, partnerships are essential in order to continue advancing from a position of strength, joining forces with others to offer innovative products and services. The synergies generated by combining the best of two companies are unique and produce excellent results for both clients and the firms concerned, which succeed in obtaining competitive advantages through their technology transfer. Thanks to these strategic alliances, the AVINENT brand has spread across five continents without losing its independence or compromising on its values.

Henry Chesbrough, the Adjunct Professor at the Haas School of Business – University of California who coined the term ‘open innovation’, commented in an interview with AVINENT that companies need to be open to external collaborations, above all in the new technologies in cutting-edge sectors such as medicine and health. It is precisely this philosophy that has enabled the firm to penetrate a changing market due to its constant commitment to innovation, its raison d’être, and to succeed in establishing itself around the entire globe thanks to its partnership agreements, as a result of which it has positioned itself at the very apex of the new digital paradigm.

AVINENT looks to the future with the same passion as when it began, and it sees its allies as the best possible companions on the nonstop, full-speed journey into the new digital paradigm.




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