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October 7, 2016 - Latest News

Sharing Knowledge: disseminating, communicating and advancing towards quality dentistry

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Sharing Knowledge: disseminating, communicating and advancing towards quality dentistry

Aristotle said that “intelligence consists not only of knowledge, but also of the skill to apply that knowledge in practice”. AVINENT’s new challenge could be described under this premise: Sharing Knowledge. This is the first of a set of small-format congresses that the company will put on in different cities in Spain. Their aim is to promote best practices among dental professionals through discussion and digital developments in the sector that are promoted by AVINENT.

After the success of its first congress last year in Barcelona, AVINENT has begun the first Sharing Knowledge congress at Euskalduna Conference Center in Bilbao. Focusing on the keys to the new digital paradigm in dentistry, to which AVINENT has actively contributed due to its commitment to innovation, it brought together more than 100 professionals from the region and hosted talks by 11 of the top experts in the sector.

“These congresses are an excellent formula for socializing us with local doctors with whom you often do not have the chance to meet,” says Dr. Gabriel Zubillaga. Dr. Julen Arocena adds: “At the end of the day, our profession is very solitary, so these congresses help us to meet professional colleagues first-hand and find out what they do and what systems they use in their clinics.”

Sharing Knowledge has focused discussion on the new digital technologies in dentistry and has especially highlighted digital flow. According to Dr. Arocena, “it seemed like a thing of the future, but we see that digital flow is now a reality and will increasingly become part of the structure and the daily work in our clinics”. Dr. Pelayo Antuña stresses that with digital flow, “patients will have a much more comfortable, faster and more accurate process”. Dr. Jean-Claude Busuttil adds that “it is more effective, simpler and more automated”.


The future of dentistry: more training and more digital
The dental sector has grown exponentially in Spain in recent years. Today, there are not only more dental clinics, but the number of young professionals starting out in the sector has risen as well. In this context, Dr. Arocena thinks that “it is very important to commit to the continuous training provided by congresses like those organized by AVINENT in order to stay up-to-date and informed about new developments”.

Despite the stiff competition, dentists like Dr. Zubillaga see the future of the profession much more optimistically: “the opening of new clinics is helping us to improve the profession, something we will see even more of with the arrival of digital flow”. The context of the sector is undoubtedly changing. As Dr. Antuña describes it, “we are moving from a traditional and manual method to a totally new digital one that is much more accurate”.

Creating knowledge and opening new perspectives
“AVINENT is promoting very different things to other companies thanks to its firm dedication to research and innovation,”
explains Dr. Fernando Unda, a professor of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). “AVINENT has achieved highly remarkable progress not only in surgery, but also in prosthetics, in addition to being very open to the digital world, which is increasingly prevalent,” says Dr. Zubillaga.

In fact, Sharing Knowledge AVINENT Bilbao concluded by presenting the details and features of the new AVINENT Digital Health range of medical products, which the company is making available to the reconstructive surgery sector to improve people’s wellbeing. In the early stages, this new solution focuses on cranio-maxillofacial surgery (CMF), something that the company wants to expand to the entire human body over the medium term.



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