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November 12, 2018 - Latest News, education

Seville becomes immersed in the digital flow exhibited by AVINENT at Dentistry 4.0

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

Seville becomes immersed in the digital flow exhibited by AVINENT at Dentistry 4.0

“Innovative, relaxed, comfortable, spectacular” These are some of the adjectives that the attendees of Dentistry 4.0 Sevilla used to describe the event organised by AVINENT on 8 November

“Innovative, relaxed, comfortable, spectacular” These are some of the adjectives that the attendees of Dentistry 4.0 Sevilla used to describe the event organised by AVINENT on 8 November. In only its second year and with around 250 attendees, this event once again more than impressed and fulfilled its primordial objective: raise awareness of the new technologies and digital flow working methods at the hands of the best AVINENT experts. And all in a relaxed environment, no rush, no fixed times, and accompanied by the best gastronomy.


AVINENT gathered all its latest generation digital products and equipment together for the attendees to see and test ‘in situ’ in the Courtyard of Columns at the unique Casa Palacio de Guardiola, in Seville. Thus, the most modern aspects of dentistry 4.0 merged with elements of Sevillian romanticism of the 19th century, resulting in an exquisite exhibition. This space, where the attendees were able to take shelter from the rain that never ceased to fall during practically the whole day, exhibited seven different stands that invited them to discover the AVINENT implant system, moving through the intraoral scanners, guided surgery, the scanner and laboratory for CAD CAM design, and ending at the latest 3D printing and milling equipment.

Doctor Francisco Acedo, a dentist specialising in surgery at Clínica Dental Acedo&Martín in Seville, attended the event and described Dentistry 4.0 in the following manner: “a lovely event in an incredible place. It combines the old with new technologies provided by AVINENT, and the result is spectacular. I’ve never been in a place where it was possible to see such a contrast between the place itself and the technologies on display.” For Doctor Acedo, the event also had a very important informative function: “It makes everything very clear. All the stands are very well explained, there is always someone there to help clarify any queries you may have and I think everyone left very happy.”


Manuel Peña, a prosthetic technician and general manager of Laboratorio Dental Manuel Peña, in Seville, had a similar opinion, he said that Dentistry 4.0 “is a good way of getting to know the digital flow. I love both the setting, Casa Guardiola, which is an emblematic building in the city, and the subject we are talking about, the dental sector.”

For Jesús Tapia, owner of the Centro de Rehabilitación Dental, which has several clinics in Seville, Dentistry 4.0 “is a different concept of an event, very innovative, and allows AVINENT to get closer to us in a setting that is far away from the surgeries and the often rapid and at times dry treatments, to one that is relaxed and makes us all come together in unison.”

Nacho Muñiz, a dental technician at Laboratorio Salas Muñiz, also expressed that the event held in Seville was “very interesting, because we can see the technology that we work with in the same place, we can speak to the professional that work with us every day and we can resolve any doubts that we may have. But ultimately, we can really see how everything functions in a more comfortable and accessible manner.”

Seven stands to describe a whole process

Dentistry 4.0 Seville was distributed into seven different areas. The first stand was dedicated to what is essentially the essence of AVINENT, upon which it has established its foundations and has grown in a stable but decided manner: the Ocean, Coral and Pearl implant systems. We remind you that these implant systems stand out as they ensure a greater osseous integration and predictability thanks to their surface inspired by biochemical processes that occur in nature and which should accelerate the interaction between the bone and the implant. The same station, a the space reserved for the Digital Health line, which opens a new and exciting path into the Healthcare sector, designing and creating personalised medical solutions to resolve the health problems of the whole human body.


The main attractions in the second space were two 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners, accompanied by two representatives of the brand, who explained how the equipment worked. This area attracted a large number of attendees who were interested in the characteristics of the TRIOS POD and MOVE. AVINENT is the distributor of the equipment manufactured by 3Shape, which it considers to be the best on the market, and offers continual assessment regarding its operation, with ongoing technical assistance and training for the client.

The AVINENT guided surgery system was the star of the third stand. The attendees were able to watch live, and with the help of an AVINENT CAD CAM technician, how to superimpose a CT and an STL (the result of an intraoral scan), and how to use the 3Shape Implant Studio software, which is used to plan the surgery and to accurately determine the final position of the implants.


Just alongside, the fourth and fifth stands shared the same space, and were dedicated to the CAD CAM laboratory and design scanners, also manufactured by 3Shape. AVINENT exhibited the latest 3Shape scanner, with the instruction of a CAD CAM technician, the E3, which guarantees precise, high-speed scan results, and the D2000 V line, which allows productivity to be multiplied thanks to the new scanning technology, which captures lines of exploration in a single pass.

3D printing occupied a key place right in the centre of the Courtyard of Columns closest to the garden, with the presentation of the new 3D NextDent 5100, by 3D Systems which, on precisely that day AVINENT began to distribute to clinics and laboratories. The AVINENT team was responsible for discovering and describing the advantages of this powerful machine which combines the highest speed and best performance at a reasonable price. Also, right alongside, an area displayed the functioning of a 3D Form2 printer by Formlabs.

Lastly, the seventh stand showcased the DGShape milling machines: the Roland 42W and the 52D, where representatives of the company demonstrated the possibilities of these machines, with which it is possible to obtain structures in a rapid and efficient manner. This very same area also exhibited how the HyperDENT software works. Off to one side there were two display cabinets with the latest generation materials. In the first, the company VITA, which attended the event with two representatives, demonstrated and explained the materials of the highest quality, ENAMIC and VM LC. They also presented the VITA Easyshade V, a spectrophotometer used to determine the shade of natural teeth and ceramic restorations. The second exhibited materials by Dental Direkt, which offers new and updated zirconium solutions (milled or discs) which are characterised by their highly aesthetic properties.




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