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July 9, 2018 - Latest News

Revolutionary Aurora system makes its international debut at EuroPerio

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

Revolutionary Aurora system makes its international debut at EuroPerio

Europe’s most important scientific congress dedicated to periodontology and implantology was the setting for the launch of these innovative structures created by AVINENT.

Aurora, the system created from 3D titanium printed structures, made its international debut through AVINENT at an unbeatable setting: EuroPerio 9, Europe’s biggest worldwide scientific congress dedicated to periodontology and implantology, which was this year held in Amsterdam from June 20 to June 23.

Xavier Boadas, manager of AVINENT’s International Export Department, stated: “Although it is true that Aurora was launched just over a year ago at the International Dental Show (IDS) in Germany, it was simply a prototype back then, so purchasing this revolutionary system was impossible.” While dental professionals who were interested in obtaining it could now do so at EuroPerio. When highlighting the Aurora system, Boadas claims: “Apart from aiming to fulfill expectations in terms of esthetics, it is a product with special characteristics, designed to be finished with various types of soft materials such as acrylics or composites.”


Pearl shares the spotlight in the Netherlands

AVINENT also presented its implants at EuroPerio, paying special attention to Biomimetic Pearl. The company’s new mini-implant is performing strongly, so it made perfect sense to feature it in the Netherlands because of the characteristics of the Dutch market, where “overdentures feature greatly,” according to the manager of AVINENT’s International Export Department.

AVINENT Digital Health triumphs wherever it goes

Although the potential audience at the EuroPerio congress comprises professionals in the field of oral health, the company did not miss the opportunity to present a selection of AVINENT Digital Health (DH) products and services. This is a new line of work focusing on health problems of the entire human body that aims to deal directly with personalized medical solutions. AVINENT Digital Health products greatly captured the attention of those attending EuroPerio 9.

The assessment of the AVINENT team’s visit to Amsterdam was truly positive. Accompanied by a wide range of new products to showcase in the Dutch capital, the company made a number of outstanding contacts with medical distributors and professionals. This is because the firm’s strong point is its cutting-edge philosophy that is clearly one step ahead of its competitors in digital implantology, a feature it demonstrated in its products in the Netherlands alongside some 300 other sector companies. When describing AVINENT, Boadas says: “It has effectively developed and integrated digital dentistry. We are pioneers in integrating everything as a whole, not only as regards the area of AVINENT’s own connections, but also because we offer the possibility of producing customized prostheses for other connections through our milling center.” The company, therefore, remains extremely faithful to its motto: “the future is now.”

AVINENT travelled to EuroPerio with representatives from its Scientific, Engineering, Marketing and Sales Departments and occupied a very well positioned stand of about 40 m2 in one of the event’s two large pavilions. A mini wine bar service was also set up so that customers could enjoy a glass of wine or cava. Joining AVINENT at the stand was Excent, a major chain of dental laboratories and distributor of AVINENT products in the Benelux. Xavier Boadas explains: “We took advantage of the fact that the congress was located in the Netherlands to seek out and establish synergies with our distributor in the country. It was an ideal setting for a joint action.”

About EuroPerio

EuroPerio is a triennial congress organized by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). Set up in 1994, this year’s event attracted more than 10,000 periodontists, oral health professionals, students and companies from the sector. The next EuroPerio will be held in Copenhagen in 2021, when AVINENT is, once again, likely to have a strong presence.



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