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July 2, 2018 - Latest News, education

Quality training is AVINENT’s strategic pillar

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

Quality training is AVINENT’s strategic pillar

AVINENT is well aware of the role played by innovation and training in the medical field and is therefore committed to creating training courses and seminars to expand and promote the latest developments in the sector, thereby resulting in better treatments.

Training is one of the pillars in the growth and transformation process that AVINENT Implant System has undergone in recent times. The company constantly participates in holding various specialization courses within the dental sector whose aim is to train professionals in different fields. AVINENT currently has an increasingly wide range of training courses on offer and more are gradually being added throughout the country. Scientific and academic partnerships developed with leading research centers are also positioning the firm as a leading player in knowledge creation in its sector.

With a Degree in Dentistry and a Master in Periodontology, Surgery and Implants, Dr. Francisco Acedo says that he has participated “in several AVINENT two-day seminars and workshops and in other training activities organized for dental technicians”. In his view, they are “incredibly positive, because very interesting and rewarding topics were discussed in all of them for those participating in the seminars”.


Julen Arocena has a Degree in Dentistry and Master in Periodontology and is responsible for module 2 of the modular course on implantology that will take place in Barakaldo from September 21 to December 15. His module will be based on soft tissue management and also includes a section on theory and two workshops: one on sutures on sponges or chickens and the other on incisions, flaps and grafts on pig heads.

As a trainer, he has also participated in the Advanced Dental Implant Surgery course at the Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUB), which aims to provide complete theoretical and practical training in the diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of patients who are candidates for advanced implant surgery techniques. Dr. Arocena was “in charge of teaching the module on soft tissue management in implant dentistry, during which we also performed live, hands-on surgeries of connective tissue grafts on pig heads”.

He recalls: “The first course I took with AVINENT was at the Clínica San Vicente in Barakaldo in 2016. It focused on theory in the morning and two live surgeries with immediate implants and connective tissue grafts were performed in the afternoon.” Dr. Arocena also claims that the experience in both cases was very positive: “Students thought very highly of them and the feedback they gave us was very good. The organization and facilities were also excellent in all the courses.”


Assistant professor at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and collaborating professor at the Universidad CEU-San Pablo in Madrid, Dr. José María Aguado has also participated in training sessions organized by AVINENT: “I am fortunate to coordinate the modular training program on patient implantology that my company, Formadent Gestión, has been carrying out in Madrid together with AVINENT for the past 3 years,” he pleasingly states. “The program is undoubtedly becoming a benchmark in the sector, because of the high quality of teachers accompanying me and the possibility of treating patients,” says Dr. Aguado. He also explains: “I attended the congresses that AVINENT organized in Barcelona and Madrid and another course with Dr. Jesús Isidro and all of them were very rewarding.” 

Cutting-edge training methodology 

As Dr. Francisco Acedo notes: “The most outstanding fact I would highlight in a company today is training, as it is associated with cutting-edge activity. Growth can only be achieved by constantly remaining up-to-date with the latest developments. This is how companies and professionals are able to move forward together,” he confidently claims. He then adds: “A company that is not afraid of progress because it evolves with it can offer professional constant growth in order to help both to improve in their field of work.”


Among AVINENT’s training methodology, Dr. Acedo emphasizes: “Clarity in explaining concepts and familiarity. This makes topics that could be relatively complex easy for listeners to understand.” For his part, Dr. Julen Arocena stresses that AVINENT “is very strongly committed to new technologies and well-trained young professionals for the courses they are conducting”.

Dr. José María Aguado shares this opinion and emphasizes the quality and familiarity of AVINENT’s methodology: “Being able to count on all manner of instruments and materials, logistical support, high-end acrylic models, intraoral scanners, the participation of a guided surgery team, always in first-class facilities...”


Constant innovation, mandatory training 

The reality of dentistry is undergoing the fastest pace of change and improvements ever recorded and it is crucial to adapt to these new changing scenarios. Dr. Francisco Acedo sums it up excellently: “The continuous training of sector players has become an essential requirement to provide added value and AVINENT is undoubtedly committed to remaining a leader in knowledge creation.” 


According to Dr. José María Aguado, training is the basis for improvement: “Professionals and companies growing together in the sector is crucial when it comes to offering more efficient, long-lasting treatments for our patients, as well as improved esthetics and function. This is what drives the synergy between industry and dentists.” He therefore believes AVINENT’s commitment to training appears to be a sure bet for its growth: “Being in contact with teachers and students helps AVINENT to improve, to create new attachments, new implant designs... The relationship with postgraduate training will undoubtedly lead to annual product improvements,” says Dr. Aguado.

Dr. Arocena is also very clear: “Dentistry today is constantly changing and professionals who do not complete any continuous training courses run the risk of becoming obsolete within a few years.” For this reason, he adds: “It is very important for the industry to focus on training dentists with congresses, full-day courses and, above all, modular courses.”

Ongoing relationship with universities 

We recently recalled that AVINENT has signed many collaboration agreements with universities throughout the world so that they can benefit from the company’s know-how and strengthen their relationship with the labor market. At the same time, developing joint projects with universities and technology and research centers has helped us to create new avenues for research and discover new opportunities to continue improving implant treatments on a permanent basis. 

As part of this framework, AVINENT has been promoting the Intensive Implantology Workshop for the past seven years together with the Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Held at the Hospital Odontològic de la Universitat de Barcelona and located at the Campus de Bellvitge, it is aimed at general and specialist dentists and focuses on acquiring basic knowledge for placing dental implants.


Another partnership agreement is that reached with the Fundació Universitària del Bages (FUB) to ensure that the higher-level training course for technical prosthetic dentistry it offers provides innovative training adapted to the current demands of the sector. FUB was also the venue for the training activities of new DD cubeX² products, which AVINENT officially distributes in Spain.



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