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August 2, 2016 - Latest News, Product

Intraoral scanner 3Shape TRIOS: quality and service

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Intraoral scanner 3Shape TRIOS: quality and service

In 2012, AVINENT entered into an Alliance with 3Shape, a renowned firm known for being a worldwide benchmark in scanners and digital dentistry, turning into the official distributor of 3Shape TRIOS. Since its beginning, the relationship was productive and helped consolidating the leadership of both companies. AVINENT Implant System and Core3Dcentres not only were responsible for the distribution of 3Shape TRIOS products, but also developed the first solution library about implants for these intraoral scanners. During the following years, the progression of these companies has been meteoric, and they remain committed to scientific investigation and technologic innovation in order to offer advantages to professionals and patients.

TRIOS allows for a completely digital workflow and, thus, it constitutes an essential piece for the AVIVENT work system. The new TRIOS 3 is characterized by integrating different features into one, becoming the most comprehensive product in the market for digital printing.

This is awesome”. Dr. Guillermo Carrera looks really amazed when asked about the scanner 3Shape TRIOS, which he has been using “for almost two years” in his clinic Clínica Odontológica Carrera, in Madrid. “It features an amazing accuracy in the job, and it is also really comfortable to use” argues Carrera, who says that “it allows you to value your own work. With its 3D magnified image, you learn a lot from your own mistakes”. Dr. Jesús Isidro, from the clinic Clínica Estética Dental Isidro y Márquez, takes the chance to assure that the TRIOS scanner “has become essential, especially during the case planning. Without the scanner, the work would be somehow crippled”.

Javier Ruiz, who works for the firm Diseño e Investigación Dental ―company that has direct contact with the different hospitals of Seville and its surroundings― has been using the scanner for a month and he highlights its “convenience”. “It guides you throughout all the steps so you don’t have to be an expert to use it”, explains Ruiz, who works mostly “with cancer patients and, were it not for the scanner, we wouldn’t be able to take prints”. But the 3Shape TRIOS scanner does not only offer advantages to the professionals in the sector, but it also offers many improvements to the patients. “The color print works great. The printing is way much faster and it makes it really easy to the patient, as you don’t have to disturb them that much”, argues Dr. Ezequiel Guerra, from the clinic Clínica Dental Irazabal. The Dr. Carrera also supports this idea, who explains that “it is really convenient for the patient: you get rid of the print paste, which is usually quite bothering; the scanner does not affect the teeth in any way whatsoever… it saves a lot of appointments for the patient and a lot of work for the professional. With this scanner, you can do in one appointment what you did before in three”.


Dr. Carrera adds another interesting feature of this scanner that most of the times goes unnoticed: “it is a great marketing tool, since you can explain to the patient what it is going on over a three-dimensional picture. It is a marvelous instrument for communicating, as you can show a caries that you can’t see on plain sight thanks to the color printing. And the patient likes that. In the end, a picture is worth a thousand words”. Dr. Ernesto Cruz summarizes these inputs, who has been using the 3Shape TRIOS scanner for two months in the clinic Clínica Dental Cruz Briceño: “It works perfectly, no problems at all. It works smoothly inside the mouth, there is no expansion or setting, no human or material mistakes either. It is flawless”.

The connection between the parts involved
One of the main improvements granted by the 3Shape TRIOS scanner to the day-to-day activity of the sector is the communication between the parts involved: the clinic, the lab and the milling center. “It gives you the chance to send the case the very moment you finalize the print and, should there be any problem with the design, you can talk to the lab immediately. This helps you make sure you get no negative surprises”, affirms Dr. Isidro, who has been working with the scanner for three years, and concludes that “the lab flow is easier because you can intervene in the design, and this translates into less appointments and inconveniences for the patient and less hours of attending patients for the doctor. In conclusion, it makes the treatments way more profitable”.

These arguments are similar to those expressed by Guerra, who assures that the communication with TRIOS is “outstanding”, since “in a matter of a few minutes, the lab gets the information and it allows to finish the work way much earlier. With the color printing tool, we guarantee that we all see the same, and this makes the work easier”. For Guerra, this scanner allows all the parts involved in the process to “save time and benefit from its effectiveness and efficiency”. Dr. Cruz declares that “this is what we always wanted. Its saves time and effort”, referring to a scanner that goes beyond the digital printing.

The AVIVENT Brand and the digital future
We are really happy with the AVIVENT service. They are always there for you. They help you in anything you need and solve any problem”. This are the words from Guerra about the service that AVIVENT offers to the professionals who purchase the 3Shape TRIOS scanners. Committed to the professional quality, they offer a continued escort and support service to the professional, as well as training sessions for the professional who have never used the scanners before.

The after-sale service is as important as the quality of the product. If I have a problem and the patient is sitting in my office, I need it solved now, not in a week. This is why the AVIVENT service is outstanding. Every time we’ve had a problem, we’ve called them and they’ve provided an excellent attention” affirms Ruiz, who decided to purchase the 3Shape TRIOS scanners through AVIVENT less than a month ago.



Both 3Shape and AVIVENT allow for the professionals to fully explore the digital paradigm, in which they are both leaders and forerunners. A digital future that, for many, it is already the present. “Up until now, it hasn’t been a radical change, but it will be once the systems open up, the costs get reduced and everybody starts working with it”, says Dr. Isidro, who assures that the labs and the clinics that “already work well with the digital flow offer a lot of advantages”. For Dr. Carrera, who affirms that “it is a present time that will go beyond. This technology will impose itself. I still don’t know anyone who has started using it and regrets it”, 3D printing “will be the future” and the key of it all is the “customization, giving every patient exactly what they need”.

For Ruiz, “those who do not join the digital universe will be left behind”, and he assures that “the quality of the work varies greatly: the adjustments can be controlled much better digitally than manually, you have less room for error and you know that everything is exactly where it is supposed to be”. An idea that is also supported by Guerra, who affirms that “all the technologic advantages are connected”, adding finally that “we are in the right path”.



3Shape TRIOS, Dentistry 4.0


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