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March 31, 2017 - Latest News, Opinion

IDS 2017 – The perfect storm and the window to a new corporate model

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

IDS 2017 – The perfect storm and the window to a new corporate model

Another International Dental Show, another five days in Cologne surrounded by thousands and thousands of products, a mix of technology and some implants. I take a step back and view the IDS from the perspective of a consumer headed for Pavilion 3.1, one of the six pavilions of the Koelnmesse fairground complex. To begin, I wonder how I will get there. I am curious, I have questions and want answers, so once I figure out the way, many other questions arise. What are the trends of this edition? What brands of implants provide more versatility? Moreover, which brands on display manufacture implants? I also need clarification regarding CAD-CAM: who offers me a milling option or something else? What are the best materials for carrying out this or any other process? And so on, until you reach such a point that you ponder your own existence. Who am I and what have I come to find at the IDS?

Confusion and disorientation are two states that might help to describe the feeling you could get when arriving at the 2017 edition if you did not have a detailed understanding of the sector. There are various reasons for this. A doctor intent on exploring what is new about implants, for example, should not seek out brands whose central element of communication is the implants themselves. She should check out the different technologies, searching for hidden products in exceptional places among complements that make it better, more complete, more sellable and give it greater added value. Later, she will find implants among attachments or among different connections, and she will find them with different options: digital or smart, with or without treatment, etc.

The dental sector is evolving tremendously. As a result, it is harder and harder for visitors to the IDS to absorb this glut of information. They want to understand. To understand, for example, the possibilities offered by the peripherals of the brand that manufactures a certain implant, whether there are any studies on it, if it has scientific endorsements, etc. And also to understand how milling centers work and what possibilities they provide. To investigate new materials. To find out whether or not milling machines and 3D printers could be interesting for their business. And of course, the doctor or client may also take an interest in design possibilities: what dental software programs are available, what laboratory or clinical scanners exist, how to plan a case digitally, and more.

STOP. Let’s reconstruct the scenario. We are in an established market where everything has changed and where there are thousands and thousands of possibilities. Technology is devouring us and that requires a shift in focus from the corporate point of view. At AVINENT, we have transformed this glut of information into an opportunity, shaping it and making it much easier for clients to absorb. The digital flow has already clearly arrived. We already adapt it to our system of working and use it as a method of communication for our range of services and products. Without being presumptuous, we can be proud of our great technological capacity and great versatility in adjusting to changes in the industry. Anybody who knows our story knows about our qualities and our evolution. We have recently launched new lines of business based precisely on this paradigm shift: design with advanced software, virtual communication with the client, 3D printing with titanium and full customization in each of our products and services.

This is our concept of modern dentistry for understanding the evolution of the sector and all its new possibilities based on the paradigm shift of what is called Manufacturing 4.0. This is a very new concept that emphasizes the change in the product and in the manufacturing process, which we use to clearly order and show everything we can offer as a brand. This model helps us to understand how far consumers want to go and obviously also helps us to link up and connect with all the solutions within our reach in a very clear way. This revolution is what we have acknowledged as a company and it is what is helping us to build the history of change. Are you ready for Dentistry 4.0?



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