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June 8, 2018 - Product, education, Interviews

Guided surgery accepted by academic world

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Guided surgery accepted by academic world

Guided surgery is one of the advances that digital dentistry has made over the past decade. These types of technological advances facilitate the work of clinics and laboratories while at the same time making treatment safer for patients. We talk to universities such as UCM, UAX and UB to hear their thoughts within the academic world.

Many professionals have positively appraised AVINENT’s guided surgery system ever since it was launched on the market. Its application has been fully accepted in many cases that have been published about this type of surgery and also in the feedback received from professionals, especially when it comes to edentulous cases.

Various professionals have already stated their opinion about it and we have now been able to speak to universities such as the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Alfonso X El Sabio University (UAX) and University of Barcelona (UB) to hear their thoughts within the field of academia. Following an intense period of introduction and training for sector professionals through various specialized courses, the academic world has drawn relevant findings regarding this system and its clinical implementation.

Dr. Sergio García Bellosta, Co-director of the Master’s Degree in Integrated Adult Dentistry at UB, states that guided surgery “is a key element in the complete digital flow environment that is our aim” and adds: “Its integration in implantology teaching is now a reality and the format proposed by AVINENT is a reliable, agile and dynamic solution for our students.”


Dr. Cristina Madrigal Martinez-Pereda, Professor in the Master’s Degree in Oral Surgery and Implantology at UCM, fully agrees with this view. According to her: “AVINENT’s guided surgery system is an outstanding tool for professionals that helps them to perform minimally invasive interventions with a high degree of patient satisfaction and in a comfortable, simple and predictable manner, as well as easily and reliably carrying out immediate loading.”

Guided surgery requires the knowledge of highly advanced technology in order to be performed. Tools such as planning software and various 3D printing techniques mean that the process requires specialized initial technical support. Case and surgical guide design involves knowledge of specific computer-aided design that can only be acquired through training and experience.

Sharing a similar view is Dr. Juan Manuel Vadillo, Director of the Master’s Degree in Implant Surgery, Prosthetics and Peri-implantology at UAX. He greatly appreciates the period of introduction and training for sector professionals through various specialized courses: “The training of professionals is crucial despite the apparent simplicity and it must be adapted to clinical experience, as in some cases it is necessary to insist on training in planning (software, etc.) and in other cases on the clinical application of milling protocols. Courses and workshops are undoubtedly the ideal and necessary complement to any surgical technique,” Dr. Vadillo maintains.


He similarly states: “Its ease of application should be highlighted with regard to other commercial companies and guided surgeries, especially when it comes to planning. Complex software or extensive computer skills are not required, because case management can be easily achieved if you so desire, thanks to virtual connection with the company when it comes to planning. As a professional, you provide the surgical knowledge and your interlocutor provides the technicians… It all works,” adds Dr. Juan Manuel Vadillo.

Top-class technical support

The guided surgery system is designed to facilitate clinical work and make surgery more precise and safer in specific cases. Consequently, not only is training in planning essential, but as Dr. Vadillo claims, it is also essential to design a system and process that is easy, flexible and risk-free for everybody. 

The Director of the Master’s Degree in Implant Surgery, Prosthetics and Peri-implantology at UAX also adds: “Technical and commercial support is good, efficient and effective. Each team member clearly understands his or her job and product. It is undoubtedly the only way to instill confidence to professionals needing to apply it,” says Dr. Vadillo.

For his part, Dr. Sergio García Bellosta claims: “According to our experience, it is a precise and reliable system with highly efficient, personalized technical support that greatly minimizes the planning time of specialists.”


Intuitive surgical protocol

Once the joint work between technicians and professionals has been correctly performed, all guided surgery systems must have simple and effective protocols to provide support to surgical work. The professional must therefore be listened to and a safe, efficient and consistent milling process must be ensured. The real advantages of such a minimally invasive system can only be enjoyed with a comprehensive system that takes into account all phases of the process.


Dr. Cristina Madrigal Martinez-Pereda claims: “AVINENT’s technical support was excellent during the processes prior to surgery, providing effective, adequate and competent help.” She also points out: “Minimally invasive surgery together with high-precision immediate loading are the greatest exponents of the guided surgery technique. As for the AVINENT system, I would highlight the simplicity of its surgical protocol and precision and quality of its milling guides.”

With the advent of guided surgery systems and consolidation of digital technologies in everyday clinical practice, treatments have been enhanced thanks to all 3D printing technology and advanced software. With top-class support from the most prestigious universities in the country, it is possible to achieve truly advanced solutions that, as always, are developed solely and exclusively with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients.




Guided surgery


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