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April 28, 2017 - Latest News, Product

Formlabs 2: precise, affordable 3D printing

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Formlabs 2: precise, affordable 3D printing

Advances in technology bring with them the possibilities to overcome the latest medical challenges in the dental sector. One of the advances that today best exemplifies these changes is the rise of the new possibilities of 3D printing, a new growing technology that can produce highly complex shapes.

In line with its aim to bring a full digital workflow to the daily tasks of professionals, AVINENT has now made 3D printing technology available through its new Formlabs 2. This desktop 3D printer provides dentists and prosthetists with the chance to produce biocompatible pieces in very short times. This ease of production improves the experience not only for professionals, who gain greater autonomy in their individual businesses by increasing their productivity and range of services, but also for patients, who can benefit from a personalized biocompatible piece in a much faster process.

David García is Technical Director at the Corus Garbident prosthetic laboratory and a Formlabs 2 user. His views on 3D technology have changed significantly over the past few years by taking into account its rapid evolution. “Printers were initially very expensive and did not usually live up to the demands required by the dental sector. Digital workflow had also not yet become a reality in prosthetics laboratories,” David explains. But the rapid digitization of the dental sector has meant that 3D printing technology has become a key factor in production. According to García: “There is a growing demand for model printing work by clinics, because intraoral scanning has already become a reality in daily business.”

Precision and price, two features that differentiate Formlabs 2
For David García, Formlabs 2 represents a major advantage because of its high level of precision and also affordable price. “Formlabs 2 has an unbeatable price, very inexpensive compared to other brands,” he says. He also goes on to explain: “It is a ‘scalable’ product; in other words, it can gradually be incorporated according to your production level and according to how far you have adapted your business to the digital workflow process.”

“Although it is true that Formlabs 2 is a small printer that cannot print various items at once, the fact that it is so affordable means that you can buy one or more printers if required, without this costing more than if you had to purchase a larger 3D printer,” García explains. The Technical Director of Corus Garbident also emphasizes: “Given that 3D printing is a constantly evolving technology, it is a major advantage to be able to obtain quality equipment such as that of Formlabs at an affordable price, especially considering that the performance of today’s 3D printers may become obsolete in a few years time and you would therefore need to purchase a new machine.”

Formlabs 3D technology: a new world of possibilities
Formlabs initially offered 3D printers aimed at the general public, but now it specializes in various sectors, including the dental sector. This specialization has meant that the brand, distributed by AVINENT, has achieved very high levels of precision for printing provisional pieces, models, dental guards, surgical guides, etc., by using various types of medically approved resins with specific features adapted to each product type.

3D printing is a relatively new technology, a factor that has in some cases led to frustrations or doubts during the production of the first few pieces, which is why AVINENT has a team of expert technicians providing continuous advice to clinics and prosthetic laboratories, as well as specific training programs for the correct use of Formlabs 2.

A printing sample
Below is a sample model created with a Formlabs 2 printer using 3D technology.


Distribution of Formlabs 2 is part of AVINENT’s new Dentistry 4.0 and its comprehensive digital solution aimed at professionals. A further element in its advance towards the universalization of a full digital workflow, which is already a reality today in the dental sector.



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