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March 29, 2019 - Product

CONSTELLATION, universe of solutions

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

CONSTELLATION, universe of solutions



AVINENT has increasingly helped clinics and laboratories to use the most advanced CAD-CAM technology


AVINENT’s digital flow is an unprecedented evolutionary step in the prosthetic creation processes, both in terms of design and the manufacture of structures, which can now be carried out in a much faster manner and without the risk of inaccuracies. In recent years, AVINENT has increasingly helped clinics and laboratories to use the most advanced CAD-CAM technology, becoming the technology partner par excellence in the dental sector.


AVINENT CAD-CAM, thanks to its extensive catalogue of components, has the capacity to assume the entire scanning, design and manufacturing process of prosthetic structures using all the digital systems available. The company has an extensive digital library for the most advanced design software which has been developed for the majority of brands and connection types on the market.

AVINENT’s vast experience in the mass-production of pieces and the mechanical and fitting trials that the components are subjected to all guarantee an optimum fit for an absolutely secure restoration thanks to a production process that is monitored from start to finish.

The CONSTELLATION range comprises:

Scan abutments: AVINENT scan abutments use the PEEK certified medical material for the body of the abutment, with good radiopaque scan properties, which eliminates the need to use spray. The base is made from stainless steel, which allows for perfect visibility in periapical x-rays. The anti-rotational geometry of the connection allows for a correct insertion and very good fit. Our scan abutments are unique as they can be sterilised in an autoclave, allowing them to be used multiple times. The AVINENT CC connections can be used for single or multiple restorations. 

Titanium bases: The AVINENT titanium bases are designed with several gingiva heights to preserve the maximum amount of soft tissue and to achieve emergency profiles that are perfect for an optimum aesthetic result. AVINENT possesses the necessary libraries to use the titanium bases in the main design software and for the majority of the implant connections on the market. The AVINENT titanium bases are also available for single or multiple restorations.angled

AVINENT has just launched the Angled Titanium Bases, which are perfect for personalised restorations. With their upper profile anatomical design, they are ideal for anterior sectors and perfectly functional for posterior sectors. The complete system is designed with two anti-rotational planes for divergences of between 20º and 30º.

Compatible items: For printed or plaster models, essential for ensuring a correct finish of the prosthesis. Although the body of the component is identical, a special connection will be used depending on the specific implant system being used. We use precision machining to produce our compatible items with the same tolerances as the implants and to achieve maximum precision.

Screws: AVINENT designs different screw types depending on the case in question. The angled screw (up to 20º) permits the displacement of the channel’s position of the final restoration in the case of divergence. The design of each screw is special for the implant system used and must be used with its original screwdriver.

AVINENT has launched the Pre-mills Production Kit internationally, created to make the work of professionals faster and easier. The Kit contains everything needed for milling operations, including the possibility to produce up to eight titanium or CoCr units at the same time and comes with more than 60 types of connections. To make it as easy as possible to use, it comes with an USB drive with milling strategies to prevent errors right from the first day.


AVINENT CAD-CAM is continuously developing new products that complement and expand the portfolio of components and continues to perfect those already available. The high expectation in quality standards applied to the CONSTELLATION line still pursues the same objective as all AVINENT products: to provide clinics and laboratories with treatments that are increasingly more reliable and safer in order to obtain the best dental restorations for the patient.




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