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June 22, 2016 - Product

Conical Connection: The perfect partner for the OCEAN range

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Conical Connection: The perfect partner for the OCEAN range

In its constant quest for improvement in dental implant products, AVINENT Implant System has developed Conical Connection (CC), a new connection for the OCEAN range of implants. It involves a different concept for working soft tissues, a digital connection for an innovative system that has become a perfect, versatile addition for OCEAN.

OCEAN CC has been designed to address all manner of clinical cases, including immediate loading and prosthetic restorations within a digital workflow. One of the most significant advances offered by this connection, with a cone angle of 12 degrees, is the reliability that it provides at a prosthetic level in the type of adjustment. In the words of Dr. Ricardo Medina, OCEAN CC «ensures a perfect biological seal that prevents bacterial leakage that can damage peri-implant tissue». This is thanks to its conical connection, which leaves a significantly narrower micro-gap between the abutment and the implant than that obtained by other connections.

It also offers many benefits when it comes to positioning the implant, as Dr. Haakon Kuit explains: «The self-tapping feature of OCEAN makes the implant positioning process a lot easier», and he adds that it is a system «with high primary stability». Dr. Enrique Carrera reinforces this view and claims that «stability is great in spongy, not very good quality bones».

One of the outstanding features of this new system is its new vial. «Both the inner vial and insertion tools are very useful and easy to use», explains Dr. Haakon Kuit from The Netherlands. This idea is shared by Dr. Medina, who explains some of the benefits he has noted throughout his experience: «The implant is anchored and stable inside a cylinder and there is no movement until you connect the carrier piece». In this same vein, the dentist Julen Arocena adds: «Removing the implant from the vial is a very comfortable procedure and also includes a sealing cap in the same vial in a silicone base that ensures a reliable connection». By way of concluding, Dr. Fernando Ortiz states: «By not having to apply lateral forces to remove the implant from the vial prevents the risk of accidental fall», and adds: «It interestingly avoids any possible contact between the surface of the implant and any plastic materials».

Another significant feature of OCEAN CC is its implant carrier, which provides major benefits in the insertion protocol. As Julen Arocena explains: «The connection between the carrier and the implant provides you with great security at the time of surgery». Dr. Ortiz has similar views and claims that the carrier «provides additional security when it comes to housing the implant in the socket». They also highlight the markings that indicate the gingival height of the carrier, helping professionals to choose the ideal healing abutments in each case.

When it comes to emergency profiles, OCEAN CC has various designs for single and multiple abutments. The first are set using the conical walls of the connection, while the second are settled in the plane of the implant collar. «These designs are available for greater control in shaping soft tissue, so the most appropriate must be analyzed for each type of rehabilitation. The two designs are very useful», claims Dr. Medina, who explains that whenever he has used this connection the results have been satisfactory at all levels: «Bone behavior was positive, given that volume was maintained at both its level and in the gum, without any recession». Dr. Carrera continues by stating that «in terms of tissue stability, it is fabulous, as there is no movement».

Dr. Fernando Ortiz:
«The biological seal and stability provided by the conical internal connection prevents the anomalous distribution of forces in the pre-implant tissue and hinders bacterial colonization».

With AVINENT’s new connection, professionals have various diameters and emergencies in these abutments at their disposal, helping to obtain perfect soft tissue in both pre- and post- cases. «The emergency profile is really very good, because it is a much more natural profile», says Dr. Carrera, adding that the healing abutment «can be easily inserted into the cone and offers great security».

Dr. Carrera sums up the feelings of all doctors when referring to the attachments that accompany OCEAN CC: «It is wonderful, because you are not missing any options: you have all the attachments that you may ever need». Similarly, Julen Arocena explains: «The experience has been very positive until now. It is a very comfortable system with some incredibly good settings».



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