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March 23, 2017 - Latest News, Product

Biomimetic PEARL: AVINENT’s new mini implant system

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

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Biomimetic PEARL: AVINENT’s new mini implant system

AVINENT Implant System has created Biomimetic PEARL, a new mini implant system with unique features that aims to provide a quality alternative to the currently available range of solutions for removable, minimally invasive prostheses.

PEARL is an innovative mini implant with an exclusive two-piece design consisting of an implant and an abutment, making it unique among the mini implant systems on the international market. This allows the attachment to be placed with great ease, thereby helping to control the soft tissues. Moreover, its polished neck makes it ideal for achieving unbeatable esthetic results.

According to Albert Mangas, AVINENT’s Director of Innovation and Product Development, “PEARL is inspired by a simple, though not simplistic concept, which prioritizes the preservation of soft tissues and the emergency profile to achieve optimal and functional results. The system is designed to enable surgeons to cover different gingival heights and attain a much more complete solution.”

AVINENT’s new mini implant also benefits from a single protocol, unprecedented versatility and a highly intuitive surgical procedure. PEARL also maintains the surface treatment of the Biomimetic Advanced Surface (BAS) line, which is inspired by the biochemical processes that take place in nature and promote osseointegration.

Effective and simple placement
Biomimetic PEARL uses a highly intuitive surgical procedure. The mini implant incorporates a transporter whose function is to prevent the collapse of the soft tissues from the insertion of the implant to the placement of the abutment.

The process begins with the insertion of the implant alongside the transporter (1). Once it has been inserted, the screw is removed (2), followed by guided placement of the abutment, which keeps the soft tissues from collapsing (3). The transporter is then removed (4) and the tissues fit around the abutment (5). Finally, the removable prosthesis is placed (6).

Albert Mangas says that “we use the transporter to prevent the tissues from adapting over the implant and making it difficult to place the abutment. It helps us to guide the placement comfortably and accurately.”

Diameters and abutments for different cases and medical needs
PEARL is a new product with a broad range of possibilities for all situations. The highly versatile system has been designed with three different diameters, all of which maintain the 3-mm platform. PEARL’s 2.0-mm diameter is suitable for mandibles, while its 2.4-mm is for mandibles and maxillae, and its 2.8-mm is solely used for maxillae.

PEARL also offers three different attachments, thereby helping resolve height differences in gums of varying thickness. This fact implies a safety margin for practitioners when it comes to positioning the mini implant because it provides them with different options according to the final placement result.

All these features make Biomimetic PEARL a unique product, which may now be found listed in AVINENT’s implant catalogue. With the launch of this innovative system, the company once again stresses its cutting-edge nature in the search for the best and most intuitive quality solutions for dentistry professionals. If you would like further details about Biomimetic PEARL, please visit AVINENT’s website.



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