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November 16, 2017 - Latest News

Beta Tester program: A new platform for progress

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

Beta Tester program:  A new platform for progress

Technological partner

With this type of actions, AVINENT seeks to approach laboratories and clinics in a different way to continue changing the relationship with them and to act as a technological partner at the service of developing new, more powerful and more efficient solutions.

A seminar for the laboratories participating in the Beta program for AVINENT’s new custom titanium structures was held in the company’s premises on Friday 10 November. The event gave 12 labs from across the whole of Spain an opportunity to discover AVINENT’s headquarters and to learn about the current state of the product. The team of specialist engineers responsible for developing the product outlined the technical evolution of the structures from the first prototype to the ultimate solution.

The Beta program was designed in order to finalize prosthetic details. Consequently, during the six months that the initiative lasted, participants were asked a series of questions on technical and process issues with a view to improving or refining the product. The feedback collected provides very important information to the developer, and similarly the user gains first-hand knowledge of the product and its features prior to its launch onto the market. In short, with this type of program, AVINENT aims to engage with labs and clinics in a different way in order to continue to change its relationship with them, with the outcome that they act as technological partners for the benefit of the development of new and more powerful and efficient solutions.


Once participants were familiar with the more technical aspects, a real case was presented by AVINENT’s collaborator David García (Laboratorio Corus Garbident), a CAD-CAM specialist, who highlighted the qualities of the product through a joint study conducted with the digital dental expert Dr. Jesús López Vilagran. Following this sharing of information, the seminar attendants went on to discuss the merits of the product and those features that needed to be improved. Indeed, suggestions were made regarding new characteristics that AVINENT will be studying with a view to incorporating them into forthcoming product improvements. Overall, it seems that participants welcome the product, singling out characteristics such as its capacity for customization and the possibility of easily repairing the structure should problems arise in the long term.


Participants also commented on the excellent ability of the texture of the mesh to retain coating materials and on the product’s versatility, made possible by having a structure designed for soft materials. Indeed, the coating material is another of the key features of the product. For this very reason, the relationship with companies such as VITA helps AVINENT by giving it a strategic partner capable of resolving any query and even of combining product testing in order to achieve a complete and truly innovative solution.

The event ended with the announcement of the official launch of the product (due towards the end of 2017) and a consideration of general issues in modern dentistry and of the many digital solutions available to the sector today. According to the seminar attendants, the volume of information and disinformation circulating in the market today complicates matters when it comes to making the right decisions. This aspect of the sector shows that AVINENT – and other companies like it – is taking the right approach by offering all this technology in a well-organized manner and only promoting those quality solutions that facilitate all users’ work, backed up, it goes without saying, by an outstanding technical service.






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