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December 2, 2016 - Latest News

AVINENT’s training of professionals: a constant commitment

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

AVINENT’s training of professionals: a constant commitment

Training is a central focus of AVINENT’s corporate policy. With this purpose in mind, the firm constantly participates in offering various specialization courses in the dental sector aimed at training professionals in different fields. One of these is the “Course on soft-tissue management on teeth and implants” taught by Dr. Julen Arocena this year on 4 November in the San Vicente Clinic in San Sebastián.

Designed for professional dentists with motivations to expand their knowledge of mucogingival surgery techniques, the course aims to teach how to treat soft tissue deficiencies in teeth as well as in implants. Thus, the participants learn how to treat gingival recessions, preserve keratinized gums around teeth and implants and increase the thickness of soft tissues to attain greater long-term predictability of the treatments performed.

“I wanted to acquire more knowledge about grafts,” explains Dr. Enrique Rubio, a participant in the course. “Periodontics currently takes one of the most interesting approaches due to cases of peri-implantitis that are found, whether by addressing its treatment or performing preventive grafts,” adds Dr. Juan Carlos Cabero, another participant. According to Dr. Julen Arocena, the man in charge of the course, “teeth and implants are anatomically very different and so is the behavior of soft tissues. However, the mucogingival surgery techniques used in both are very similar”.

Soft tissues, crucial for good oral esthetics and health
Due to their role as the first protective barrier of both teeth and implants, soft tissues are essential for maintaining patients’ oral health. “When soft tissues are not suitable, we can have both esthetic and functional problems, which can lead to the loss of teeth,” warns Dr. Julen Arocena.

This is why the soft-tissue management around implants is especially important. “It is very important to increase the amount of soft tissue preventively around implants to avoid potential long-term problems,” says Dr. Arocena, who concludes that the main objective of the course is to demonstrate the importance of these tissues in the esthetics of the smile and in maintaining the health of both teeth and implants.

AVINENT, collaborator on the “Course on soft-tissue management”
The participants in the course use AVINENT Biomimetic OCEAN Conical Connection (CC) implants to replace an upper lateral incisor and perform a connective tissue graft of the palate to increase vestibular volume at the same time. “Because of its shape and threads, it is a type of implant that achieves very good primary stability. In addition, the conical connection provides great stability to the crown over implants, minimizing bacterial microfiltration,” explains Dr. Arocena.

AVINENT’s service and support for the course also plays a prominent role: “I would encourage AVINENT to collaborate in more courses on this level. I am grateful that it was so well organized,” says Dr. Juan Carlos Cabero, to which Dr. Enrique Rubio adds the “excellent personal treatment” by representatives of the firm. “The excellent service shown by AVINENT’s representatives in the course inspires me to trust in the professionalism of the brand,” says Dr. Arístides Bécares, another participant in the course.

“In addition to addressing different topics in a comprehensive and enjoyable way, the ‘Course on soft-tissue management on teeth and implants’ combines theory with two surgeries so you can apply the concepts learned,” Dr. Bécares finally concludes



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