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June 14, 2017 - Latest News

AVINENT’s exchange of knowledge travels to Madrid with Sharing Knowledge

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

AVINENT’s exchange of knowledge travels to Madrid with Sharing Knowledge

AVINENT’s new Sharing Knowledge congress in Madrid has been a resounding success. The new edition addressed issues such as advanced implantology, digital flow, 3D printing technologies, digital scanning, CAD-CAM materials and AVINENT’s new Digital Health medical service. The Sharing Knowledge format consists of several small congresses that AVINENT organizes in various cities throughout Spain. Its aim is to foster good practices and promote debate among dental practitioners.

Located in the heart of the Spanish capital, Madrid’s Palacio Neptuno hosted some of the most distinguished dental professionals from central Spain and other areas (check all the pictures in our Facebook). “Leaving your clinic to learn about different views about how to do things is always an enriching experience,” claims Dr. Pablo García (Clínica Santamaría). “Everybody is a winner. AVINENT is able to display its potential and professionals can learn about the latest products and services in the market,” adds Dr. Constantino Colmenero (Clínica Colmenero). For his part, Dr. Javier Fernández-Alba Luengo (Clínica La Antigua) appreciates “being able to check out the advantages and disadvantages of these new tools.”

Digital flow: better results, safety and communication
All the Sharing Knowledge presentations revolved around a core concept: digital flow. All the practitioners attending who have recently implemented this work method in their businesses agreed on highlighting its benefits both technically and operationally and also its results. According to Dr. Pablo García: “The fit, speed and comfort provided by digital flow mean that patients are the first to be benefited.” Dr. Jesús Isidro (Isidro y Márquez, Estética Dentofacial) adds: “It is essential in terms of communication, given that it has a visual function that helps to explain the process to patients in a much clearer manner. Moreover, digital is not just an approach to reality, but the actual reality of the procedure that it is to be performed.”

Other professionals such as Mr. Miguel Arroyo (Lab Dental Creative) emphasize factors such as safety: “A truly excellent job is ensured, resulting in cost savings for you.” Along the same lines, Dr. Mario Alvarado (Clínica Dental Dres. Alvarado) claims: “There is a very high level of satisfaction in terms of both time and quality.”

AVINENT is committed to sharing new possibilities in the sector
Knowledge sharing is one of the hallmarks of AVINENT’s philosophy. The company brings its know-how to all those interested in the latest dental sector developments by organizing various types and formats of events, workshops and talks. “They were the first to advocate intraoral scanning,” says Dr. Pablo García. “The brand has a clear distinctive value of being committed to the latest technologies and encouraging professionals to gradually incorporate these,” stresses Dr. Jesús Isidro. For his part, Dr. Mario Alvarado describes the company thus: “By shifting knowledge and discussing what is manufactured and done within the sector, you help all those with an interest in the field to be able to approach you.”

A better digital future
“Exciting,” “better” or “positive” are some of the adjectives used to refer to the future of dentistry by the Sharing Knowledge speakers and attendees. However, all of them agree on one term: “digital,” because according to professionals new digital techniques will be obligatory in the sector in a few years. “Everything analog tends to be digitized,” claims Dr. Mario Alvarado. To which Dr. Pablo García adds: “Esthetic expectations are increasingly on the rise and digital flow helps us to meet these.” Mr. Miguel Arroyo concludes by saying: “At the moment I only see improvements for patients, which is everything in dentistry.”

Among the topics tackled at Sharing Knowledge, there were presentations on the most scientific and academic aspects of good practices in implantology. A fact that reminds us just how essential it is to complement digital flow with the accumulated knowledge of major experts on techniques that have been developed over the last few decades.

The Sharing Knowledge congresses kicked off in Bilbao last October 2016 and aim to share knowledge and good practices among dental practitioners through discussions and digital innovations in the sector promoted by AVINENT.



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