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December 19, 2016 - Latest News, Product

AVINENT single-tooth restorations: unique in their fit and range of materials

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

AVINENT single-tooth restorations: unique in their fit and range of materials

The fabrication of single-tooth restorations is one of AVINENT’s many specialist capabilities. The company’s milling center stands out as unique in Spain in terms of the quality of the fit it achieves between the prosthesis and the implant by using firstly the technique of turning and then following it with milling, thereby giving a much more precise fit. In addition, the AVINENT milling center is the only one in Europe to employ this dual process in materials other than just titanium, for example CoCr.

Machining (turning) as well as milling makes a significant difference: machining the connection of the piece makes it possible to obtain a far more precise fit and to prevent micromovements and micro-leaks. The use of this technique results in greater long-term predictability and prevents a number of unnecessary risks.

Mr. Francisco Antonio Carrillo, a dental prosthetist at Classic Taller Dental S.L. (Murcia), has been using AVINENT milled parts for ten years. Carrillo singles out the quality of their tips, their fit and the screw seats. He adds, “I’d particularly mention their concentricity and the control of tolerances.”

I’ve been using AVINENT machined products for approximately six years. Our first scanner was a 3Shape and since then AVINENT has been our main supplier of an entire range of CoCr machined items,” says Mr. Artemio Picaza, Technical Director at the Picaza y Setién S.L. lab (San Sebastián). According to Picaza, the main characteristic of these restorations is that “to make them, AVINENT uses a cylinder with the connection preformed on which only the anatomical part is machined, which makes the adaptation of the connection outstanding. In my experience, this makes it far superior to when the connection and the anatomical part are milled from the disk.”

Ms. Lourdes Salas, Technical Director at the Salas Muñiz S.C. lab (Seville) also works with this system, in her case since 2012. “We are talking about a top-quality product with a very good fit. AVINENT single-tooth restorations stand out from other milled items due to the first-class treatment of the materials and, indeed, the wide range of materials available,” Salas states.

Mr. Gustavo Di Pascuale, Technical Director at the Alto Palermo lab (Vigo) also rates this product highly. “Making the tooth direct to implant enables us to design a good emergence profile from the implant platform itself, thereby avoiding the need to attach other accessories, which are not personalized,” Di Pascuale notes.

“In my professional experience, there is no other company that employs a technique of cylinders with a preformed or machined connection. Other firms make their single-tooth restorations by milling the connection and the anatomical part from the same disc, and the result is very different,” Artemio Picaza states, pointing to a distinguishing feature, to which Mr. Francisco Antonio Carrillo adds “the reliability, the continuity in the digital workflow and the quality of the AVINENT service at a human level.”

AVINENT works with a wide range of materials, among them metals and ceramics (cobalt-chrome, titanium, zirconium, lithium disilicate, polymers, and others), giving the company a unique quality advantage and placing it at the cutting edge throughout Europe in the use of these two techniques to make this type of product. In addition, the company has the ability to fabricate all kinds of structures suitable for all types of connections, be they supported by natural teeth or implants, in all the materials on the market, while also providing optimal precision and passive fit.



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