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October 4, 2016 - Latest News, Product

AVINENT internationalizes its new AVINENT Digital Health range

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

AVINENT internationalizes its new AVINENT Digital Health range

Over the past few months, AVINENT has attended various leading international conferences in the fields of cranio-maxillofacial surgery (CMF) and digital technologies applied to CMF in order to promote its new AVINENT Digital Health (ADH) range of medical products. These events help to position AVINENT and present some of its most innovative practices, as well as the chance to learn from other leading sector firms.

In recent weeks, AVINENT has been present at two particularly strategic events in which it had the chance to present ADH and meet with leading sector figures. These were the European Association for Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery (EACMFS 2016), held in London (UK), and Materialise Mimics Innovation Conference 2016, held in Leuven (Belgium).

According to Xavier Camí, ADH project manager and AVINENT representative at these conferences: “These events are an ideal way to get to know other leading firms in the fields of cranio-maxillofacial surgery, digital flow and dentistry, among others, and they also provide us with a great opportunity for learning.”

Digital flow solutions in cranio-maxillofacial surgery
After nearly a decade investing in new generation implant R&D and setting up a development and manufacturing division for dental structures with a fully digitalized workflow and 3D technology, AVINENT now has the know-how to position itself as a leading company in the field. This commitment to innovation has recently helped the company to expand its field of action with the launch of its new AVINENT Digital Health medical division.

The division consists of a range of new customized medical solutions that during an initial phase were focused on the field of cranio-maxillofacial surgery, but have now been extended to different parts of the body. By using the latest 3D technology and biocompatible materials such as titanium and PEEK, the new division has the ability to produce a wide range of customized products and services such as customized titanium plates for major injuries, customized cutting and implant guides for reconstructions in cancer cases, cranial implants for accident injuries or virtual orthognathic surgical planning, among others.

Thanks also to its extensive experience and knowledge in the field of implantology, AVINENT has managed to incorporate dental implants in reconstructive surgeries, making it the only company that can offer this solution worldwide. This has given the firm a clear advantage and placed it in a leading position when it comes to technology.

A comfortable, precise and personalized experience for patients and professionals
The AVINENT Digital Health process can print anatomical study models, which give surgeons the ability to plan surgery in advance and accurately and virtually control its progression, thereby obtaining great precision, reliability and predictability in different operations.

Similarly, these new 3D printing and planning systems help to improve the surgical experience thanks to a series of benefits, such as a reduction in surgery times and in the risk of complications in less invasive procedures.

From the patient’s perspective, the type of guided surgery offered by ADH promotes acceptance of the implanted product and reduces recovery time, as well as helping to recover an esthetic appearance and improving life quality.



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