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November 24, 2016 - Latest News, Product

AVINENT Digital Health presents a pioneering maxillofacial reconstruction service that incorporates implants

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

AVINENT Digital Health presents a pioneering maxillofacial reconstruction service that incorporates implants

The new maxillofacial reconstruction system designed jointly by doctors at the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona) and engineers at AVINENT Digital Health was recently presented to the media.

This pioneering collaboration enables hospital doctors and AVINENT Digital Health engineers to plan in a virtual environment how the surgery will be conducted prior to the operation taking place. The manufacture of personalized prostheses by AVINENT using 3D printing in titanium into which dental implants can be integrally incorporated means patients only have to undergo a single surgical operation and hence speeds up the recovery process.

The inclusion of the patient’s dental restoration in the same operation makes this a unique medical service, since it enables the affected person to recover their ability to chew from the outset. The new maxillofacial reconstruction system uses parts of the patient’s fibula or hip to reproduce the patient’s jaw as precisely as possible using the necessary cutting guides. Complex facial defects, most of which are caused by tumors or bone fractures, can thus be resolved.


In the past, customized prostheses could only be made by outsourcing them to non-Spanish companies, but now they are manufactured locally, which has also speeded up and facilitated the constant contact and understanding between the doctors and AVINENT technicians. The geographical proximity between the hospital and the company has also resulted in faster shipping times for prostheses, which can be supplied within 48 hours from the moment the order is placed to the final delivery to surgeons.

Even though the service has only just been announced, the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron and AVINENT have been working together for some months now. In fact, the hospital has successfully treated 60 cases using this new virtual planning and titanium 3D printing service, 29 of which were arranged taking dental implants into account as well as the customized prosthesis.

A new medical possibility thanks to AVINENT’s R&D&I
AVINENT’s commitment to R&D&I in medical technologies and its extensive knowledge of dentistry have made it possible to launch this new maxillofacial reconstruction service. Not only has AVINENT Digital Health made considerable investment in highly complex machinery, specialist software and skilled staff, but it has also succeeded in designing the new system thanks to the know-how the company has acquired in implantology, materials biocompatible with the human body and digital systems.

To learn more about AVINENT Digital Health’s products and services, you can visit its website.

Impressive coverage in the media
The launch of the new service designed by the Servei de Cirurgia Oral i Maxil·lofacial at the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron and by AVINENT Digital Health was given extensive coverage in the press and on radio and television. The news was reported by leading Spanish media outlets, among them:



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