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February 2, 2018 - Latest News

AVINENT consolidates growth and enters challenging phase

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

AVINENT consolidates growth and enters challenging phase

A corporate day for the entire AVINENT team was held in Món Sant Benet last Friday, January 26. Attended by more than 260 employees, the event served to share the group’s strategy with all its staff members, emphasizing its people and growth in order to continue progressing and confronting the important challenges faced by the company in the coming years.

The event provided an overview of business in 2017 and the main projects that the divisions of the AVINENT Science & Technology group intend to carry out throughout 2018. Thanks to stable growth, the group closed the year at around €30 million and will continue to make major investments to help further and better develop all its business areas.

During the day, the company also described the most outstanding details of its industrial and medical divisions, focusing at all times on the fact of building transparent communication with its employees and reinforcing a robust and efficient corporate culture.


Given the constant spiral of change in the market, it is vitally important to have a team that is prepared for this. The competences defining a company are those of its employees and its success in facing the reality of digital dentistry and Dentistry 4.0 depends on this.


An openness to change, versatility and flexibility are major features of a company whose philosophy is based on innovation as the basis for progress. These same concepts should guide all the people comprising it so that they can act as promoters of this progress.

In order to reinforce the company’s strategy, Mr. Joan Guasch, director of public programs at Eurecat and special guest at the event, spoke about the factory of the future and Industry 4.0. The main ideas of his talk were that industries need secure quality digital infrastructures and that an increase in technological supply is already leading to specialization and consequent creation of new business models. He concluded by stating that Industry 4.0 is viewed as the most important technological change of recent decades, with huge potential to open the doors to reindustrialization.


Mr. Guasch’s talk marked the close of the corporate section of the event, as he invited all employees to imagine the future of their own company and visualize the progress of which they are a part.



Dentistry 4.0


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