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April 6, 2018 - Latest News, Product

AVINENT CAD/CAM digital components, maximum quality and precision

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

AVINENT CAD/CAM digital components, maximum quality and precision

AVINENT CAD/CAM has become the perfect technological partner for all prosthetic clinics and laboratories aiming to commit to fully customized exclusive products and innovative solutions. AVINENT’s range of CONSTELLATION products forms its extensive portfolio of digital CAD/CAM components manufactured by using high-precision technology and with the complete safety of a fully controlled production process. 

AVINENT’s digital workflow implies unprecedented progress in prosthetic production processes, both in terms of design and the development and manufacture of structures, which can now be carried out with much greater speed and without the risk of inaccuracies. The process ranges from guided implant planning and positioning to dental restoration of a fully customized prosthesis with some increasingly diverse digital components.

AVINENT’s goal is clear: to evolve the sector towards new, more efficient, natural and patient-friendly restorations and continue offering prosthetic clinics and laboratories the most advanced solutions to meet the esthetic and functional challenges of this new dentistry 4.0 era. A new paradigm to facilitate the work of prosthetic dentists and laboratories in order to improve patient wellbeing.

In recent years, AVINENT has helped an increasingly greater number of clinics and laboratories to use the most advanced CAD/CAM technology: state-of-the-art scanners, planning software or 3D printing systems, new materials, milling machines, etc. The company has thus become the quintessential technological partner of the dental sector, placing itself at the disposal of clinics and laboratories.

CONSTELLATION: Top quality digital components

AVINENT CAD/CAM is able to take on the entire process of scanning, design and manufacture of prosthetic structures from all available digital systems thanks to a wide range of components. The company has an extensive digital library for the most advanced design software that has been created for most market brands and connection types, with a multiplatform system open to the best scanners. 

AVINENT’s range of CONSTELLATION products forms its extensive portfolio of digital CAD/CAM components manufactured by using high-precision technology and with the complete safety of a fully controlled production process.

AVINENT’s wealth of experience in producing serial parts and the mechanical fitting tests to which these components are subjected helps offer clinics and dental technicians full assurances of working with optimum components for an absolutely safe restoration.

All the components also strictly follow dimensional tolerances in order to ensure the best fit in all brands and connections in our product catalog. The importance of correct and meticulous machining of these parts and subsequent tests are of vital importance to reinforce AVINENT CAD/CAM’s commitment to the fit, precision and strength of these components.

The CONSTELLATION product range comprises:

  • Scan abutments: AVINENT scan abutments use medically certified PEEK as the abutment body material, with good scanning and radiopacity properties, eliminating the need for spraying. Their bases are made of stainless steel, which provides perfect visibility on periapical X-rays. The anti-rotational geometry of their connection guarantees correct insertion and excellent fit. Our scan abutments are unique because they can be autoclaved for repeated use. You can choose between single and multiple abutments for restorations with AVINENT’s CC connections.
  • Titanium bases: AVINENT’s titanium bases have been designed with different gingival heights for maximum soft tissue preservation and to achieve perfect emergence profiles for an optimal esthetic result. AVINENT has the libraries that are needed to use titanium bases in all major design software and for most implant connections on the market.
  • Analogs: Essential for correctly completing prostheses. A special connection will be used depending on the specific implant system that is being worked on even if the component body is identical. We use precision machining to produce our analogs to the same tolerances as the implants and to achieve maximum precision.
  • Screws: AVINENT designs various types of screws according to each case in which they are used. Angled screws (up to 20°) help to shift the position of the channel of the final restoration in case of divergence. The design of each screw is special for the implant system employed and its original screwdriver must be used.

AVINENT CAD/CAM is constantly developing new features to improve and optimize all component lines in its product range. The high quality standards applied to the CONSTELLATION product line continues to meet the same objective as all AVINENT products: to offer clinics and laboratories increasingly reliable, safe treatments to provide patients with the best dental restorations.



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