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February 17, 2017 - Latest News, Product

AVINENT, a growing brand in Benelux

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

AVINENT, a growing brand in Benelux

As part of its international expansion, AVINENT has one of its most productive areas in terms of product and service marketing in Benelux (the union formed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). The company has established very positive links with various clinics and laboratories in the territory. Within this framework of good relations, several delegations from Benelux recently visited AVINENT’s headquarters, in Santpedor (Barcelona), to see firsthand its facilities and staff and catch up on the latest possibilities offered by the company through its training workshops.

Worldwide visitors are part of the AVINENT culture, which displays openness and transparency when it comes to corporate policy and responsibility. By organizing full, totally interactive tours of its factory, the company shows the scope of its activity and its technological possibilities within the context of digital dentistry.


Two Benelux delegations recently visited AVINENT. Dr. Bouke de Vries, a dentist at the Praktijk voor Implantologie Rozenburg clinic in the town of Rozenburg, close to Rotterdam (the Netherlands), explains: “It is wonderful to be able to have a complete picture of the family producing the product. We work to ensure the health of patients and are very grateful for this type of support and global vision.” Dr. Ronald Hovius, a dentist at the Mondzorgcentrum clinic in the town of Etten-Leur, located near the city of Breda, has similar thoughts: “It has been a great experience learning about the reach of AVINENT, its knowledge and the reasons behind creating a quality product.” Dr. Alexander Swinkels, a dentist at the PPIA center in the Dutch city of Arnhem, explains that they received presentations from each of AVINENT’s departments and “were thereby allowed to understand the company from many angles.”


A relationship based on product quality
Most AVINENT users in Benelux discovered and contacted the firm through its respective laboratories and one of the features they most appreciate is its digital flow. “This is why I work with AVINENT. I think patient safety is paramount and digital flow has helped me greatly to reduce flaws and mistakes,” says Dr. de Vries. “AVINENT is one step ahead in terms of digital dentistry, so it is very gratifying to be able to work with them,” adds Dr. Hovius. In turn, Dr. Haakon Kuit, a dentist at the PPIA clinic in Arnhem, highlights the convenience of using digital flow in the sense that it “represents a reduction in paperwork and facilitates communication when you have to send files by email. It frees up a lot of space.” As regards AVINENT’s digital system, Dr. Kuit points out that “we have to start applying it now, because it may already be too late in ten years.”


But doctors also highlight other products, such as OCEAN’s Conical Connection (CC) implants. This compact and easy to use and implant product “fits into the bone very well,” according to Dr. Maike Prick Huisman, who works at the H2 Tandartsen center in the city of Nijmegen, while Dr. Swinkels appreciates “the milling protocols.”

Customer service and care are other factors that they particularly appreciate. “There is never a time when AVINENT cannot solve a problem,” states Dr. de Vries. “No matter what your question, you always have full guarantees that they will help you,” claims Dr. Swinkels.

AVINENT, a growing commitment in the region
Benelux is one of the territories in which AVINENT has been especially committed over the past few years. The company is gradually gaining ground there, although it has not yet become one of the main brands in the area. “The area is quite competitive and it is where major world brands operate,” explains Dr. Haakon Kuit. Taking into account this situation, professionals such as Dr. Kuit have organized various courses and presentations in the region to promote the AVINENT model and its advantages. The assistance provided by the company is also linked to other factors: “AVINENT offers especially good value for money,” says Dr. Prick Huisman.

Growing awareness of the brand in the region has led to a greater number of trips and visits by Benelux doctors and prosthetists to AVINENT’s facilities in recent years. This has helped to establish a framework of communication and trust between the industry and professionals, which is why AVINENT aims to continue its commitment to this culture of mutual understanding between parties. “The trip was delightful and very rewarding. In addition to receiving lots of information and training, we also learned about cultural aspects of the country and were able to enjoy a delicious meal and the fantastic surroundings of Món Sant Benet,” says Dr. Swinkels. “AVINENT is like a family: people who are very close, friendly and always willing to help you,” concludes Dr. Kuit.





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  December 7, 2018 -    Maurice Wessels

Where can i order Avinent implant parts?

Beste regards,

Marcel Schumacher
4-dental Apeldoorn

  December 10, 2018 -    AVINENT Implant System

Dear Marcel,

We will send you all the details as soon as possible lo let you organize your order.

Thanks for put in contact with us.
Have a nice day!


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