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April 26, 2019 - Software, Product

And improved and optimised workflow for your structures printed in CoCr

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

And improved and optimised workflow for your structures printed in CoCr

AVINENT CAD-CAM has an enormous platform of solutions, suitable for all types of digital solutions, designed to be used with the best materials on the market.

Our LUNAR® product line, anatomical structures produced using 3D printing in CoCr, is designed to offer a product with an excellent finish and within short deadlines, allowing the laboratory to forget about these types of tasks and rely on a quick and efficient service.

LUNAR® is available for both natural teeth and implants, therefore AVINENT is able to offer a very complete portfolio of 3D printed solutions, which adapt to all the laboratory’s needs.

It has also redesigned all the CAD-CAM Dental System libraries and provides its users with a better workflow when designing their LUNAR® structures or single units. The LUNAR® system libraries for implants are available for all AVINENT connections, and throughout the course of the year, all the connections from the AVINENT CAD-CAM catalogue will be included.

The new format improves the design process of the structures through the reorganisation and classification of the information, thereby optimising the connection between the implant system and the selected material. There is also the option to select the centring guide (long or short) during the design process.


These changes in the libraries have been applied to streamline the workflow during the CAM to minimise errors and improve delivery times.

In this new Webinar, Rosa Gayà, an AVINENT CAD-CAM Implant System technician, explains how to design single units using the Lunar Single Abutment system and multiple ones using the Lunar System, for both straight or angled screw channels, using the new AVINENT CAD-CAM Dental System libraries. The summary of the general steps detailed in the tutorial allows us to have an extensive view of the libraries and the benefits that these represent.




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