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May 4, 2015 - Latest News

A new instrument for disseminating knowledge. Welcome to AVINENT EXPERIENCES

Anna Cortina Caixach

Anna Cortina Caixach

AVINENT IMPLANT SYSTEM Research and Development Manager

A new instrument for disseminating knowledge. Welcome to AVINENT EXPERIENCES

Our commitment to research and science has been part of the DNA of AVINENT from day one. Our scientific team is constantly working on technical and clinical basic and applied research in collaboration with universities, institutions, and technology centers. Our vocation is to develop new advanced solutions for implant dentistry and enhance industry knowledge. We are thus pleased to launch a new tool in our work: the AVINENT EXPERIENCES blog.

This blog is designed as a digital showcase for disseminating and sharing science and knowledge: we will publish scientific studies, case reports, topical articles, interesting contributions to the industry, and collaborations by doctors and specialists. We trust that it will also be a useful tool for sharing, exchanging ideas, and debating, which is why we invite you to participate with your comments and thoughts. Together, we will make AVINENT EXPERIENCES truly useful and practical, which benefits the whole sector.

AVINENT has a long and solid track record in R&D, with studies published in scientific journals, regular participation in conferences and lectures, and an unwavering commitment to sharing our scientific work. We are advancing with the industry as a whole and now occupy a reference position in digital dentistry. We intend to stay in the vanguard by devoting resources and effort to R&D and contributing to our common development. As of today we have a new tool, the AVINENT EXPERIENCES blog. Welcome!



Advanced esthetics, Materials, Dentistry 4.0, Dental System, Guided surgery, 3D printing, 3Shape TRIOS, Dental prosthetics, Cad-cam, Implants


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