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January 27, 2017 - Latest News, Software, Product

A comprehensive solution to help professionals make the leap to digital system

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

A comprehensive solution to help professionals make the leap to digital system

How can dentists and prosthetists definitively make the leap to the digital world that has been transforming the dental industry over the past few years? Faced with this challenge, AVINENT aims to help professionals make the leap to a full digital workflow system.

The company has made this new comprehensive digital solution available to the sector to bring digital flow to dentists and prosthetists, thereby helping to expand market possibilities. The idea is to make the digital flow process more accessible for clinics and laboratories, specifically facilitating the equipment and software required for the production and design of end products. This advanced AVINENT solution is now possible thanks to the new technological opportunities available to the firm after it signed major collaboration agreements with strategic partners.

What steps are involved in this new AVINENT solution? It includes 3Shape patient scanning, dental design using Dental System software, restoration milling using Roland or imes-icore milling machines and 3D model printing for further verification or finish using new Formlabs or Rapidshape printers.

Consequently, AVINENT’s renowned digital flow process, ranging from planning and guided implant placement to restorative dentistry using fully customized prostheses, can now be carried out in private businesses thanks to the possibility of acquiring the necessary tools backed by full safety guarantees.


Strategic alliances, keys to guaranteeing high-end equipment and solutions
Another prominent feature in AVINENT’s new advanced solution is the use of new generation materials. In this regard, for example, VITA’s partnership with AVINENT has been essential in order to offer an optimal guarantee solution. The partnership between the two firms has already produced very interesting results as regards training with the organization of various workshops that have included surgical processes. In fact, the alliances that AVINENT has forget with strategic partners have been crucial to be able to offer top quality products and services. The partnerships with technology companies offering high-end digital equipment and solutions have therefore been one of the keys to AVINENT’s success, providing full guarantees to professionals interested in digital flow.

Training sessions to learn about AVINENT’s new solution
AVINENT has conducted various training sessions so that professionals can learn about and understand how to manage all the possibilities that are provided by this new digital solution. The concept is simple: learn about the equipment and systems that help to incorporate AVINENT’s digital concept into any center that requires it. The sessions include the use of 3Shape’s intraoral scanner and dental design software, Roland or imes-icore milling machines and Formlabs or Rapidshape printers.

AVINENT holded these workshops in various parts of Spain in order to promote its new solution. Their aim is to provide professionals with greater work autonomy for their respective clinics or laboratories, transforming their business model by learning how to administer the latest technologies and potentially acquiring them. This advanced solution shows that AVINENT remains firm in its commitment to offer innovative solutions and help make the leap towards a full digital work system, always with the aim of providing comfort, efficiency and success in the services offered by professionals to patients.



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