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May 31, 2019 - Product

3D dental models, personalisation on demand - Part 2

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System

Avinent Implant System committed to the transmission of knowledge around the technological sector of health, dentistry, innovation, scientific studies, clinical cases and in general all information relevant to the dental community.

3D dental models, personalisation on demand - Part 2

The introduction of digital technology into the dental sector has created significant changes and advantages in terms of productivity, cost, personalisation and processing times. The digital flow for Dentistry 4.0 guarantees improvements in patient and professional experiences, delivery times and the end result. This is what we call a patient-centred solution.With the rise of new technologies, 3D printing has created a new paradigm within the dental sector: solutions are now fully adapted, with customised devices that better accommodate a patient’s morphology.

Dental models have been directly affected by this change and 3D printing should be harnessed to optimise this solution.


AVINENT, as a highly-capable centre with an extensive knowledge of 3D printing and CAD-CAM milling, offers professionals complementary tools to facilitate the work methodology and improve the end results. The use of dental models involves a much more predictable and efficient way of working in order to finish the CAD-CAM structures.

AVINENT offers the possibility of producing the dental mold via images received from an intraoral scanner in a completely digital work flow, or by working from a traditional plaster model using the scan to design the restoration.


Dental model production involves various technologies and the choice of one over another will mainly depend on its subsequent use; whether it is for protheses, retainers or aligners. For this reason, the right technology and materials must be selected so that the dental models required include the appropriate versatility and characteristics.


The type of model selected will depend on its end use, and this decision will affect the manufacturing method and materials. AVINENT produces models designed for natural teeth or implants; for full arches or quadrants with or without the opposing arch or quadrant; with removable parts or soft-gum versions. All of these parameters will depend on the specific nature of the case.

As part of its extensive catalogue, AVINENT CAD-CAM provides similar components for printed models and plaster casts, which are essential for successful prosthesis completion. Each component has a special connection depending on the specific implant system being used. Thanks to machining accuracy, the connections of these components are produced with the same tolerance as the implants, ensuring the optimal adjustment of a wide variety of connections on the market.



AVINENT offers an extensive range of materials and production methods for dental models thanks to its vast technological capacity.



Liquid resin models cured by ultra-violet light. This procedure is designed to offer laboratories the best dental models quickly thanks to its injections system that provides greater quality and accurancy.



Liquid resin models cured by lasers or projectors. Perfect for printing on soft tissue. Technology characterised by the wide variety of materials. Centred on the end-user.



Laser-based polyamide powder-bed fusion. Ideal for aligners en masse with a very competitive quality-price relationship. Thanks to these thermosetting materials, product such as surgical guides can be produced.


While it is true that 3D printing provides significant benefits for the industry, it does require new work organisation and logistics, as well as software, scanner and printer training. We have already seen how this type of technology affects the end restoration result and all the advantages that it provides professionals compared to traditional procedures, and for this reason we continue to invest in tools that facilitate procedures for professionals and guarantee the results that they wish to offer their patients.


3D dental models, personalisation on demand - Part 1



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